The Brokeoffs

The Brokeoffs is "the band" of Lawyer Dave, multi-instrumentalist and long time collaborator with UK artist Holly Golightly. As exactly one half of the equation that is Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs, he has toured extensively and released over a dozen albums, winning the 9th Independent Music Award for Best Americana Album in 2010 for "Dirt Don't Hurt."

Live, Lawyer Dave manages to create a big sound all by himself using a home engineered, foot operated drum set and playing open tuned guitars while singing along. This set up creates the base for much of the recording he does and was featured heavily in his solo release, "Restless Leg" (Transdreamer/Megaforce) as well as in his work with Holly Golightly.  

Dave lives in rural Georgia and continues to record and play as The Brokeoffs, sometimes by himself and sometimes with others.